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Largest Texas Divorce Firm Shortens Name to Koons Fuller

22 Dic 2016 
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The southwest's largest divorce law firm is now simply Koons Fuller in

keeping with the identity people have come to know over the years.

The firm of divorce lawyers who specialize in such cases as divorce and

child custody was previously known as Koons, Fuller, Vanden Eykel &

Robertson. The North Texas-based firm follows a trend in law firms today

of shortening the name to make it more memorable. The new name does not

indicate any change to the firm's divorce best divorce attorney lawyers, including some of the

area's most honored lawyers handling only divorce cases.

Under the tutelage of name partners Ike Vanden Eykel and Rick Robertson,

the firm has become one of the largest boutique family law practices in

the country, expanding from the Uptown section of Dallas to West Plano,

Southlake Town Square and Denton. Along the way, it has grown to 27

attorneys serving the divorcing population of North Texas.

"With so many names and personalities working for our diverse clientele,

Koons Fuller has become effective shorthand for a powerhouse in family

law," says Vanden Eykel, the firm CEO. "We just formalized what most

people dealing with divorce in this area already call the firm."

This move conflicts with the popular notion of the ego-driven divorce

lawyer, though. The decision to shorten the name was initiated by the

two divorce lawyers whose names have come off the nameplate -- Vanden

Eykel and Robertson. Koons Fuller refers to Bill legal aid Koons and Ken Fuller,

two veteran divorce lawyers who made a name for themselves in the 1980s

and 90s and now have curtailed their practices.

"The names Koons and Fuller represent an unparalleled tradition of

aggressive quality family law services in this part of the country,"

says Robertson. "This was the triumph of business reality over personal


Robertson is one of the most high profile family law attorneys in Collin

County and has been named one of the Best Lawyers in Dallas-Fort Worth

by D Magazine. Vanden Eykel is the current president of the

Dallas Bar Association and was named by Town & Country Magazine

as one of the Top 10 Divorce Lawyers in America. He has been dubbed the

"reigning king" of Texas divorce and the "divorce law Jedi" by The

Dallas Morning News.

Other members of Koons Fuller's management committee are Dallas Managing

Partner Kevin Fuller, voted the Family Lawyer of the Year in North Texas

last year by The Best Lawyers in America; Southlake Managing

Partner Heather King; and Denton Managing Partner Charla Bradshaw. King

and Bradshaw were named among D Magazine's Best Women Lawyers in

the area.

They all maintain that the rebranding effort has allowed them to

re-emphasize their tradition of intense client focus among attorneys,

staff, referral sources and clients.

Koons Fuller, PC is the southwest's largest family law firm with 27

attorneys in four North Texas locations -- Dallas, Plano, Southlake and


The firm is one of the oldest and most honored boutique practices in the

country, offering discriminating clients a full range of family law

services including complex divorce litigation, large property

settlements, child custody litigation, marital agreements, appeals,

mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.
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Legal :: How to fight a DWI case?

20 Dic 2016 
DWI laws in Minnesota are quite confusing. So, if you or your near and dear ones ever get arrested for DWI law, then always consult a Minnesota DWI lawyer.

In such a situation, you might see most people giving you advice on what are the things that need to be done and what are the things that shouldn't be done. The officer who has arrested you might also have some piece of advice in store for you. But never seek advice from all these people.

You should always take the help of Minneapolis drunk driving defense attorneys. It is only a Minnesota DWI lawyer who has great knowledge about everything related to DWI law. So, it's important to take their help if you want to know about your next move.

No two DWI cases are same. Each and every case is different in regards to facts related to the case. The facts generally include any past DWIs, which city you were arrested in, status of the driving license and find out anything that surrounds the incident.

If you ever need to challenge your DUI, you should have the Minnesota DWI lawyer beside you. The attorneys St Paul Twin Cities have sufficient knowledge of the laws of the state and city laws where the incident occurred. All the present statutes of DWI and the case law should also be known. These two things change continually. So, the Minneapolis drunk driving defense attorney whom you hire must be aware of all these changes.

It is only with the help of a Minnesota DWI lawyer, you can see this here understand the case very easily. The attorneys St Paul Twin Cities although take time to learn about the case and takes time to inform about every step of the case to you, it is only with their help you can take necessary steps to fight the DWI case.

When the case is approached by a Minnesota DWI lawyer, it should be approached with an attitude that DUI cases aren't easy to win. A case must be approached realistically. Justice system is tough and Minnesota DWI laws are strict. It is important to have an effective DWI defense strategy. The strategy must take advantage of all probable opportunity to have the impact on penalties that are faced. A small opportunity can even have a great impact on penalties or evidence that are presented in case so much so that the charges can be dismissed or penalties can be reduced significantly.

You should always look for a MN law firm where the attorneys St Paul Twin Cities always look forward to dedicate themselves to the case. The Minnesota DWI lawyer must sit beside you and make you understand about all the bad and good things regarding the DWI case.

So, if you ever need a DWI lawyer in Minnesota, seek for the help of Jeffrey B. Ring. He has an experience of twenty-nine years in DWI field. Jeffrey Ring is famous for winning DWI cases. He also teaches other lawyers about how to defend and win the DWI cases.

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